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4×4 Specialist

Any make, model, size and modified vehicles untertaken.  Over the years we have rebuilt our own 4x4s and modified other people’s.  Whether it is a routine service you want, maintainance, welding  or off-road equipment fitted we are compentant and capable.  Having worked on our own for so long as well as customers we know where to start with a lot of common faults and modifications.

We have amoungst us a range of off road modified and on road vehicles and some of our customers carry out various pursuits for which we have modified their vehicles for them.

All services and repairs are carried out with OE approved parts, as with any other vehicle, and so therefore does not affect your warranty.

We understand that 4×4 vehicles are a catagory all of their own and have the knowledge base to work on them as such.  But just because we offer specialist expertise does not mean we will over charge you for the privilage, we only carry out the work that is required and will be transparent on costs throughout.  

From Landrovers to BMW X5s to crossover vehicles.  Your car is in safe hands with us.     

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